Via Pietro Pecchioni, Parma

Type: Stanza privata (9 ㎡) nel Appartamenti
Prezzo €700
A disposizione 29-11-2023
indirizzo Via Pietro Pecchioni
proprietà della casa/td> 140 m²
Codice Postale 43125
città Parma

Welcome to this well-lit room within a spacious 140 square meter apartment. This cozy bedroom is one of three in the apartment, offering a comfortable and inviting space for your stay. The room is furnished with a single bed, providing a peaceful and private area for a restful night's sleep. A desk is thoughtfully included, making it an ideal workspace for work, study, or simply catching up on tasks. Additionally, a spacious closet is available, offering ample storage to keep your belongings organized and your living space neat. Important to note: Condominium fee is excluded form rent and amounts to 50EUR. Utility bills (electricity+water+heating)...

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Via Pietro Pecchioni